Knoop Info

Knoop - modern table designs in sculptural resin treated rope, made to order.  Custom tables for the home. Modern furniture design solutions and unique modern coffee tables, modern side tables, and modern console tables. General info for Knoop coffee table design and customization.

the knoop table is formal in silhouette but unruly in construction.  dutch for “knot”, knoop epitomizes josh’s fascination with controlled chaos.  the modern table design utilizes a knotted mess of resin treated rope, arranged in a perfect cube form, to support a simple glass top.  hundreds of feet of rope are twisted, knotted, and bent into a complex structure that is both open in feel and massive in scale.

knoop tables are available in bone, brown, and black rope.  standard sizing is 24"x24", 30"x30", 36"x36", 48"x48", 24"x48" coffee table and 15"x18" round side table. additional custom colors, sizes, and shapes are also available.  all pieces are made to order.