Puff Info

Puff - modern lighting design in sculptural resin treated fabric, made to order.  Custom lighting in colorful fabric choices and custom sized lighting for the home. Commercial lighting solutions and unique modern lighting. General info for pendant light design and customization.

the puff light fixture combines the formality of a sphere with the exuberant shape of sculpted fabric.  a collection of material samples came together to form the very first puff light.  josh assembled a mass of tiny cup shaped fabric pieces around a globe and realized the beauty of the dynamic shape that emerged.  experimentations with different fabrics followed, and play with color and diffusion patterns happened in the process.  a unique and modern pendant lamp was born.

puff is created with resin treated fabric, a process that allows the inherent drape of fabric to be frozen into form.  the fixture is open on the bottom, providing moody down lighting and glowing color.  bone mesh is standard, but countless other fabric options are available and clients may specify color, size, and even shape.  standard spherical sizing is 10", 14", 18", 24", 27", and 30".  larger sizes and custom shapes such as cubic, rectangular, barrel, and freeform are available.  environmentally friendly and long lasting LED bulbs are used.  all pieces are made to order.

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